The Music Medicine is a living experience that explores & shares a diversity of musical approaches and schools of thought/practice, blending tradition & modernity, spirit & reason, celebration & meditation.

Founded by ethnomusicology researcher, music therapist, musician, composer & Dj, Dimitrios, the mission of The Music Medicine is to use music as a stimulus to awaken creativity & potential, to educate about the usage of music & music history, to bring people & cultures together and to foster harmony & joy.


Improvisation with local kids

Egypt 2020

Music Therapy Session

Bonjuk Bay | Marmaris, Turkey 2018


Medical ethnomusicology researcher, music therapist, musician & Dj, Dimitrios is carrying an extensive career in music for over 30 years.”

A modern Alchemist of life, defender of the essence of celebration and manifestor of harmony.

His sound and musical knowledge are versatile and innovative and they travel beyond expectations, into a variety of musical expressions, that embrace the plurality of our worlds rhythmic and melodic heritage.

His eclectic taste, sensitivity and ability to stir emotions made him perform his music in a diverse of events always delivering the same quality.

From residencies at historical Venue & Bo of Athens/Greece to resident Dj and music director of Tikal Praia Bar at the beaches of Bahia/Brazil for 4 continuous years. From sharing stage with the legendary band Azymuth at Jaguars House to international art fair Bienal in Sao Paulo, Brazil. From music therapy and meditation workshops to orchestrating musical circles, the recipe was always the same. Sharing the Medicine of Music (as he calls it) pure… as it comes from the heart.

Since 2014, Dimitrios has expanded his craft by studying and applying the healing effects of music, giving Music Therapy sessions to individuals and groups, organizing events of Conscious Celebration, Wellness Events and claiming Music as a Medicine for all conditions and disorders, through his project “The Music Medicine”.

In the year 2018, he started orchestrating hand picked musicians from around the world that never met before and experimenting in improvisational musical circles. Since then, he developed his own way of “deep listening” through which musicians and non musicians can merge into a harmonious musical orchestration, purely by intuition and listening to the music that comes from within and to one another.