Judgement and creativity are opposites.
You cannot control the creative process,
you really surrender to it…

YANNI [composer]

The Music Medicine is a consciousness, a musical entity and a project committed to empowering individuals to develop their musicality and creativity, through musical expression.
We believe that music is the primordial language of all beings, it is able to restore balance, attain connection, expansion, transcendence and successful cultural exchanges.

“The Music Medicine” is a Consciousness, a musical Entity and an Academy in the making, committed to achieving Global Harmony and Joy through the use and study of Music, Sound/Frequency and Performing Arts as tools of Human Development and Self-Healing.

Under this Consciousness, a collective of Musicians, Dj’s, Performers & Practitioners came together with the purpose of raising the vibration in spaces, individuals and groups, and awaken the inherited gifts of Musicality and Creativity through the Medicines of Music and Movement.



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